SINCE 2009



Haapsalu Glass Days

I took part at the Haapsalu Glass Days in the Evald Okase Museum from 29.7. - 3.8.2019. One week glassblowing in the yard of the museum, playing and experimenting with ideas with the theme INTERPLAY with GLASS & LIGHT. The finals goals got exhibit in the


the space in between

Interior Space

Face to face views two different shapes on the surface area, which I grinded with a rough grit. The on touched clear glass sections in between opens new views and spaces.  


a series

grinded Structures

For this series I blown all vessel in the same shape style but different colors at the furnace. After I draw an indviduell structures with the grinder on the surface.  


to observe how glass cracks


By the huge possibilities to work with glass I am interested in the basic occurrences. Temperature differences for example provoke tension within the glass and this creates beautiful structures which I try to capture. Trying to create these cracks in the glass


three shapes

Cube, Shuck & Center

Cube The cube is blown in a fir green with an lip of clear glass formed in a blanaced shape. The bigger one (ca. 30 cm high) is grinded and mattfinished, the smaller ones are around 15 cm high and have ø of 11 cm.    


an idea of a shape


In this series I playing with one shape in different proportion and size. All four parts I stick in one heat on my blowingpipe together. Two of the Moduls I grinded afterwards. Size: Hight between 13 and 25 cm; ø widest part 10 and 20 cm  


a velvety surface